CityPASS Discount Attraction Tickets – How They Work & Where To Get Them

Are you traveling to one of the major cities or tourist regions in the United States? If you are, you might want to check out the CityPASS discount admission pass. It’s a way to purchase a group of admission tickets for various museums, amusement parks, and other attractions for a single price that is far […]

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disney fun facts

Disney Fun Facts: 10 Little-Known Secrets About The Magic Kingdom

I’ve been interested in learning Disney fun facts recently. Maybe it’s because I love trivia. Or perhaps it’s inspired from my recent trip to Walt Disney World in Florida, where my girlfriend and I had just gotten engaged. (What’s more magical than popping the question at the most magical place on earth: Magic Kingdom?) Magic […]

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Money-Saving Travel Tips


Budget Cruising: 4 Tips To Help You Find The Best Cruise Deals

I’ve seen some incredible deals for cruises. I’ve asked myself many times, “Is this deal too good to be true?”Chances are, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many cruise lines severely under price their cruises to attract more customers; however, in the end you could end up paying more than you […]


Florida State Parks: Fun (and Cheap!) Natural Alternatives to Orlando Amusement Parks

The state of Florida, famous for parks of the thrilling, expensive variety, sees more than 80 million tourists per year according to the Sunshine State’s government. Yet, relatively few of these visitors know a great secret that we residents have long known: this beautiful state is home to more than Mickey, Shamu, and Harry Potter. […]

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scariest bridges

5 Of The Scariest Bridges In The U.S. That You’ll (Maybe) Want To Cross

Many of the famous bridges in the United States are popular for more than just their architectural ingenuity and the amazing views they provide drivers – they’re also some of the scariest bridges in the country. Why are some bridges considered scary while others, well, aren’t not so much? Actually, some people find all bridges scary. […]


10 Most Famous Bridges In The United States You Absolutely Must See

I love to take road trips, so it probably doesn’t surprise you that I also enjoy driving over some of the famous bridges in the United States. I am lucky to live near one of the most famous bridges in the world – the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida, which I talk about below – […]

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