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7 Popular Epcot Attractions That Many Fans Wish Were Still Open

When many think of Epcot attractions, they conjure up images of Spaceship Earth. You know — the 180-foot-tall, silver geodesic sphere that has greeted millions of visitors since Epcot opened back on October 1, 1982. I have visited Epcot, located at the Disney World resort near Orlando, FL, many times over the years — including back […]

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Awesome Roller Coaster Facts: The Tallest One, Fastest One, Most Loops & More!

I’m Josh, and I’m a member of Roller Coaster Riders Anonymous… If only there were such an organization, many people like me would probably be forced to join by their non-riding significant others. Thankfully, my fiancee and I both love to ride roller coasters, and there’s no reason we’d ever join a roller coaster riding […]

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4 Theme Park Trip Planning Tips From A Pro

For me, there are few things more exciting than going on a theme park vacation. While I’m no travel agent (nor do I play one on TV), I’ve done enough trip planning in my life to know what to do and not to do when it comes to visiting amusement parks. As a Floridian who […]

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Travel Insurance: 6 Reasons Why It’s Essential For Expensive Trips And Traveling Abroad

Basically, there are 2 times when travel insurance is considered a must-have: Whenever your trip is costing you a significant amount of money. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you would be out of all that money and you’d have no recourse. Whenever you’re traveling abroad for business or for pleasure. Health, medical, and travel regulations are very different […]


CityPASS Discount Attraction Tickets – How They Work & Where To Get Them

Are you traveling to one of the major cities or tourist regions in the United States? If you are, you might want to check out the CityPASS discount admission pass. It’s a way to purchase a group of admission tickets for various museums, amusement parks, and other attractions for a single price that is far […]

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5 Of The Scariest Bridges In The U.S. That You’ll (Maybe) Want To Cross

Many of the famous bridges in the United States are popular for more than just their architectural ingenuity and the amazing views they provide drivers – they’re also some of the scariest bridges in the country. Why are some bridges considered scary while others, well, aren’t not so much? Actually, some people find all bridges scary. […]


10 Most Famous Bridges In The United States You Absolutely Must See

I love to take road trips, so it probably doesn’t surprise you that I also enjoy driving over some of the famous bridges in the United States. I am lucky to live near one of the most famous bridges in the world – the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida, which I talk about below – […]

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