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Going to a timeshare presentation for free vacation gifts? Read my experience with a well-known vacation club! Frustrating? Yes. But we got the free cruise!

My girlfriend and I traveled 1,200 miles to see the 2017 eclipse! Highlights from our eclipse trip + Tips for planning your own eclipse trip in 2024 & 2045!

I've gone skydiving 6 times in 9 years. Tandem skydiving has become more popular, more accessible, probably safe -- but less personal. See why I say that.

Looking for things to do in Cedar Key, FL? It's a cool vacation town in North Florida with plenty of things for nature lovers to see, tourists to do, and seafood foodies to enjoy!

Where is the Fountain of Youth, you ask? Here are highlights from my visit there, plus some great tips for visiting Ponce De Leon's Fountain of Youth Archeological Park in St. Augustine, Florida.

Do leaves change color in Florida? Yes! Autumn in Florida can be quite colorful. As a Florida native, I'll tell you when & where to see the best fall colors in Florida.

What is Buc-ee's? What exactly makes Buc-ee's gas station better than any other travel center? What is the Buc-ee's menu like? Find out here!

If you're looking for Florida Caverns State Park reviews, this is a must-read. A photo tour of North Florida caves + helpful tips before you go!

Do you have roller coaster phobia? So did I. Now I'm a roller coaster junkie! Here's how I got over my fear of roller coasters. Some helpful tips to try.