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My girlfriend and I traveled 1,200 miles to see the 2017 eclipse! Highlights from our eclipse trip + Tips for planning your own eclipse trip in 2024 & 2045!

If you're a fan of the 1980s TV show Cheers, you HAVE to visit the actual bar that inspired the show! Here's what it's like at the original Cheers bar in Boston

I travel a lot and have enjoyed boating the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Thinking of cruising the Intercoastal Waterway in your own boat? I've got tips for you!

I've visited most of these 10 famous bridges in the U.S. Cool facts & trivia about the highest, longest, scariest bridges in America - for your bucket list!

Asheville, NC & New England states have the most colorful fall scenery. Here are the next best places to see fall foliage in AR, CA, CO, FL, ID, MI, MO, MT, OK, PA, VA, and WY.

River boat cruises operate on most of the major rivers throughout the U.S. River cruises give you a whole different perspective on cruising. Have you tried it yet?

Road trip! Here are 5 incredible places in the United States to take fall foliage drives. You'll see the best fall leaf color here.

Info about toll road discounts. Plus a list of each state’s prepaid toll program. See how & where you can use EZ Pass, SunPass, and other toll passes.

Boston Cape Cod Travel

Planning your first trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts? I've compiled a long list of tips and must-see places for your Cape Cod vacation, including South Boston