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Wondering how to avoid hitting a deer with your car? Some things you can do to avoid it. Plus how to minimize the damage if you do. And a few sweet & funny things about deer, dogs, and hunting.

Utility poles line our roads. What do you know about the everyday utility pole / electric pole? Like... what are the wires on a telephone pole for? Find out here.

Florida Myths

Think it can't snow in Florida? Think there's nothing but gators & mosquitoes in Florida? These are just 2 of the myths about Florida that I'm debunking.

weird names towns cities

There are some really unique towns with weird names throughout the United States, including one with "no name" at all. Wait until you check these names out!

For those trying to make an informed choice when it comes to SUVs, here are some interesting facts & figures about SUVs... including myths and facts regarding energy-efficiency, global warming, and rising gas prices.

Check out these funny stories about ladders in the road.

Since 911, today is the day that the United States starts allowing scissors with blades less than 4 inches long and tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers under than 7 inches onboard planes. Here are some interesting pictures of airport baggage handlers and facts about unclaimed baggage.

Ever spot a BUNCH of ambulances riding around on one day? I did, and I photographed it! Why all the ambulances motoring about on this particular day?... Here are my best guesses.

Have you ever considered renting a pontoon boat for a little off-road fun afloat?... We've done this on several occasions. Here are some pictures and highlights -- especially if you plan to go pontooning in the Nashville area. The best part: Take a couple friends with you, and it's a fairly inexpensive way to have a good time on the water!