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How many of the top wonders of the world have YOU been to?

Did you know Busch Gardens was once in Los Angeles? Let's take a trip to Busch Gardens Pasadena and 5 other abandoned California theme parks - to see what they were like.

Going on your first plane ride? I recently went on my first airplane ride and have some great tips for you! Here's what to expect - from boarding and takeoff to turbulence and landing!

I've visited most of these 10 famous bridges in the U.S. Cool facts & trivia about the highest, longest, scariest bridges in America - for your bucket list!

Asheville, NC & New England states have the most colorful fall scenery. Here are the next best places to see fall foliage in AR, CA, CO, FL, ID, MI, MO, MT, OK, PA, VA, and WY.

Want couples resorts with solitude built in? We travel a lot - a hotel resort is our favorite type of lodging! Our picks for the best secluded resorts in the US.

I love visiting dams. Thinking about visiting Hoover Dam or some other water dam? Here are a few things I've learned about visiting dams - good to know before you go!

Info about toll road discounts. Plus a list of each state’s prepaid toll program. See how & where you can use EZ Pass, SunPass, and other toll passes.

Love visiting and/or vacationing on the water? Here are my picks for the best beaches in the U.S. that you'll definitely want to see! For your bucket list.