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Want to take a car seat on a plane, rather than checking it as baggage? I made a portable car seat dolly (using a cheap luggage cart) to make a stroller!

There are several different shapes and colors of rocks that can be used in the formation of an Inukshuk -- also spelled inuksuk, inukhuk, inuksuit. And some tend to resemble a human shape more than others. This rock formation is a symbol of safety, hope and friendship that was created by the Inuit.

Here's how to get a passport the fastest way we know how: get an online passport! These are the exact steps we used to get our passports. It took 8 weeks.

I travel a lot and have enjoyed boating the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Thinking of cruising the Intercoastal Waterway in your own boat? I've got tips for you!

Applying for my son's US passport was easy. But my first attempt at his Canadian passport application was denied. See why, plus how to apply for a Canadian passport for a child while living in the U.S.

Our baby was born in the U.S. - which makes him an American Citizen automatically and a Canadian Citizen by descent. Before we could get his Canadian Passport, we had to complete the Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate. Here's how to to it!

Here's everything you need to do to get a U.S. Child Passport - see which documents you need to apply for & where to get them. Plus baby passport photo tips!

I've visited most of these 10 famous bridges in the U.S. Cool facts & trivia about the highest, longest, scariest bridges in America - for your bucket list!

Travel insurance is a must when traveling for business or vacation. But sometimes people want to skip it to save money. Top reasons to buy travel insurance!