What Do I Know About License Plates?

Without realizing it, I guess I must have a fascination with license plates or something. Just look at all these articles I’ve written about license plate oddities and other little known facts…

Wizard Of Oz Festivals, Memorabilia & Fun Facts

Who knew the Wizard of Oz would still be so popular today… more than 65 years after it hit the big screen? And, with Halloween just around the corner, October also appears to be the most popular month for Wizard of Oz festivals.

Indiana License Plates: What The Numbers Mean

Here’s a fun way to impress your friends the next time you pass a car with Indiana tags on it. Proof that Hoosiers are smart people for this reason alone: They don’t need to have the county printed on their license plates in order to know exactly where in Indiana a particular driver is from! Here’s how the Indiana licenses plate numbering works.