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How many of the top wonders of the world have YOU been to?

Florida Citrus Tower

A popular Orlando attraction since 1956, the Florida Citrus Tower in Clermont, FL is a 226-foot tall tower accessed via a nice drive through REAL Florida!

A list of 31 tips (+29 bonus tips!) that should know before traveling with Disney cruise line! My Disney cruise tips are honest & clever cruise hacks for a Disney Dream cruise.

Looking for the scariest rides at Disney? I am a lifelong Floridian and Disney ride enthusiast. If you want thrills, check out these 3 scary Disney rides!

Utility poles line our roads. What do you know about the everyday utility pole / electric pole? Like... what are the wires on a telephone pole for? Find out here.

by nickirp on Flickr

There are many popular Epcot attractions that no longer exist. Here are 7 that Epcot fans still miss - see what they were like before they closed.

Florida Myths

Think it can't snow in Florida? Think there's nothing but gators & mosquitoes in Florida? These are just 2 of the myths about Florida that I'm debunking.

Unique tips for pulling off cheap vacations. I've enjoyed many cheap (and FUN) trips by using these clever ideas...

Most people are in such a hurry to get to there, they overlook these 12 simple ways to save time & money at theme parks! Be different. Save money. Have fun.