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Smoky Mountain River Rat Tubing Review: What To Expect Your First Time River Tubing With River Rat In Townsend TN (Or With ANY Outfitter)

East Tennessee is hot, and when you’re looking for a way to cool down with your family and friends, floating down the river is where it’s at! For me, the River Rat Tubing season pass was a no brainer -- because it's the most convenient way to get on the water without the commitment, logistics, or work of a canoe or kayak. Our entire party of 10 people (including teens and toddlers) had a blast their first time there, and I've been tubing with River Rat several times now.

What It’s Like Motorcycling With Dogs: See How We Ride Motorcycles With 2 Large Dogs In 1 Custom Motorcycle Dog Trailer

See the 2 motorcycle trailers that we've used for our dogs. Both are pull-behind trailers. One is a basic luggage trailer for motorcycling that we used when we only had 1 large dog. The other is a motorcycle luggage trailer with air ride suspension that we used for 2 large dogs after we adopted the second one. See how we how we created our own custom dog motorcycle trailer so we could take our dogs on the road with us!

How Many G’s Are You Pulling And How Much Can Your Body Take?

Are you a sucker for fast rides and the G-force that you experience on them? Not me... but my friend is a professional race car driver. Here's what I've learned about gravitational force and its effects on your body. See how many G's astronauts, roller coaster riders, airplane passengers, race car drivers, fighter pilots, and professional stunt pilots typically sustain. Plus, how to experience weightlessness (or zero gravity) yourself!