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Safety And Warnings

Downhill driving tips I learned firsthand in the Smoky Mountains. See how to use 2 & 1 on your automatic gear shift to use engine braking & avoid smoking brakes.

Wondering how to avoid hitting a deer with your car? Some things you can do to avoid it. Plus how to minimize the damage if you do. And a few sweet & funny things about deer, dogs, and hunting.

Going on your first plane ride? I recently went on my first airplane ride and have some great tips for you! Here's what to expect - from boarding and takeoff to turbulence and landing!

I spent the first 38 years of my life avoiding planes due to my fear of flying. Here's what I did to overcome flight anxiety and enjoy flying... finally!

First time skydiving? I've gone tandem skydiving A LOT - at many different drop zones. I have some skydiving tips to help prepare you for your first skydive.

I've spent many years as a "party of one" and traveling solo has its perks when done right. I've put together my best tips for traveling alone - from dining apps where you share meals to ways to make sure you're safe when you travel solo.

Visit Philadelphia

About to visit Philadelphia? There's so much to see & do. To help you plan your trip, I've created this list of the top 24 fun things to do in Philadelphia PA

Need to learn a new language fast? Foreign language books are helpful, but boring. Here are 6 unique ways to learn a language AND have fun at the same time!

Have you heard they're using metal detectors at theme parks to screen riders boarding roller coasters now? Here's why I think metal detectors are necessary.