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Saving Money on Airfare With Southwest Airlines

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By David


I recently booked 2 tickets on Southwest airlines from West Palm Beach, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee.

Before taxes and airport fees, each ticket cost under $100.

I was made aware of these discounted fares because I signed up for the Southwest “Ding” alerts (“Ding alerts” retired in 2016, however you can still get alerts via the Click ‘N Save email alerts). There are, however, a few key tricks to actually getting these low fares.

While Southwest may not be the Rolls Royce of air travel, I have been able to get low fares on a regular basis by choosing days on which they offer special fares.

In addition to the Florida special, last week I received a “Ding” fare of $25 each way from Baltimore to Nashville.

The catch to getting these rates is twofold…

First, you must be aware of when they become available. Since it is impossible for you to sit and monitor Southwest fares each day, I recommend signing up for Southwest ‘Click ‘N Save’ email alerts. This tool allows you to list several cities of interest and receive alerts when your preferred cities have discounted fares.

Second, you must be aware that many of the specials are for a very limited time. The special I took advantage of came available in the morning and expired by 10:00 that same evening. If you cannot jump on a special fare, don’t give up completely as it may re-appear the following week.

If anyone else has some good suggestions for saving on airfare please post them as a comment so the rest of us may benefit.

Good luck and have fun on your next trip!