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Pontoon Boats Are A Lot Like Jeeps… FUN To Rent For A Day!

Summer fun fact: Pontoon boats are “Jeeps of the water.”

we rented a pontoon boat from rick

They’re not built for speed, or looks…

They’re just built for FUN!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Homemade Pontoon Boat Maker”:

Just as you can rent a Jeep for day, or even a weekend… you can also rent a pontoon boat for a little off-road fun afloat!

The best part: Take a couple friends with you, and it’s a fairly inexpensive way to have a good time on the water.


Land-Locked? Take A Drive!

If you live in a place that’s land-locked (like us), then you’re probably thrilled whenever you have an occasion to spend some time on the water in the summertime.

The answer: take a road trip!

Here’s what we do.


Fun Times On Pontoon Boats

We’ve rented Pontoon Boats several times.

Most of the pictures below are from the times we went pontooning in Florida.

Here’s an example of some of the fun you can have on a Pontoon Boat:

A favorite summer pastime... renting a pontoon boat from Rick's in Pensacola, Florida. Our friend Aimee joyriding on a pontoon boat in Pensacola.

…cooling off and driving FAST!



A classic expression!... Lynnette caught a fish! Jim enjoying some fishing from the pontoon boat.

…enjoying some FISHING!



Swimming near the pontoon boat. Relaxing and catching some rays on a pontoon boat.

…SWIMMING and catching some rays!