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Hark!… There’s A Ladder In The Road

ladder-in-the-road.gif You’ve seen ’em.

…And probably wondered how in the heck they got there.

…How long they’re going to stay there.

…And how to avoid getting in an accident if you come across one.

Check out these funny stories about ladders in the road.

First, I have to say, I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who’s fascinated by the type of objects that find their way onto the roadways of America.

Usually during rush hour.

And typically the cause of major traffic delays.


It happens more than you realize…

Some of you may have thought I was joking, or perhaps only exaggerating when 6 days ago I wrote that traffic problems due to a ladder on the interstate was a regular occurrence down here in Atlanta. Well, just as proof that I was neither joking nor exaggerating, today as I was driving into work the traffic reporter again announced (very nonchalantly, I might add) that there were traffic delays on a major interstate due to yet another ladder in the road. — Ben


See the signs: How other drivers regularly tell you things…

Brake lights on a straight section mean there’s a ladder in the road. Oncoming cars burning headlights during the day mean a rain shower ahead. Out-of-state plates or car rental agency stickers tell you to expect sudden stops and turns. Rusty dents says, “I have so many wrecks, I don’t bother to fix them.” A can of orange juice on the dash means there’s possibly a bottle of vodka under the seat. — Pete


What the world needs now is a bungie cord…

And do you know why the truck overturned? Because it was swerving to avoid a ladder in the road. Which brings me to the subject of my rant: Moh-Rons and their crap-spewing vehicles of doom. Seriously, if you are toting a bunch of construction-type crap hither and yon, would it kill you to TIE IT DOWN? — Big Arm Woman


The Lord works in mysterious ways…

They saw something fall from the trailer ahead of them. It looked like a rusty ladder with some kind of attachment. Len swerved his rig to miss it. Thankfully, the ladder hit the road and kept tumbling away, onto the shoulder… It was one of those God-ordained appointments that liven up long miles on the road. — Carol


25,000 crashes a year due to road debris…

Here in the “big A” we also have the ladder in the road. This is such a common occurrence that one of the traffic reporters used to refer to them as “the ubiquitous ladder in the road.” It almost sounded like a trademark-able name: Ubiquitousladderintheroad. — Linda


And it’s not just the construction workers and ‘rednecks’…

I’ve come across many strange things in my time, but never a firefighter’s ladder, especially one as big as this. — Richard


Little Giant to the rescue!…

Don’t have the room to store a ladder? Get a Little Giant ladder. Al Borland endorses them, so they’ve gotta be quality. — Ben

I wholeheartedly agree. See why we love the Little Giant Ladder.

Gosh, there was so much about ladders, maybe I should about all the other crazy stuff you find in the road! There are just so many wacky things that make their way onto the highways and bi-ways of this great country…


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