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A funny photo of a car with a lot of bumper stickers. Plus a video showing how to make bumper stickers yourself.

Just about every state in the country features The World's Largest... SOMETHING!

Here are all the fun details about two of my all-time-favorite vacations: a Caribbean Cruise, and an all-expense-paid trip to New York City!

Here's the story of how I won a FREE trip to New York City! You'll see how I won two free airline tickets, two nights in a hotel on Times Square, two tickets to a Broadway play, and more. We had a blast!

Worried about surviving your camping trip? If you're wondering what to take camping I'm your girl. I'm got experience choosing the best camping gear and other great camping tips.

Here's a quick way to summarize the states in which you've lived and those that you have visited at some point in the past. It's called the 'Where Have You Lived' meme... or the States meme.

Whether you travel a little or a lot, here are some interesting -- and humorous -- tidbits regarding airline travel including: some check-in facts, all about security checkpoints, the highest rated airports, an airline security loophole, and more!

Mr Paranoid of the Pool Guy!...

A funny photo. While Jim was napping on the raft in the pool, I woke him up by trying to flip over his raft... but he managed to hold on for dear life!

DRIVING ODDITY #4: You Can Tell A Lot About A Person By All The "Stuff" That's On Their Car! What messages are YOU sending with all the stickers, license plate frames, and decals on your personal vehicle? We were behind...