10 Most Secluded Resorts In The USA: Great For A Quiet Vacation Or Romantic Getaway

Looking for couples resorts with solitude built-in? We travel a lot. Staying at a hotel resort is our favorite way to relax when we’re there more than one night. These are the best spa resorts, beach resorts, and no-kids resorts in secluded locations across the U.S. (Psst…. secluded resorts like these also make great honeymoon spots and anniversary destinations!)

National Park vs. State Park: Differences Between The Two + Reasons To Visit A State Park Soon

Live near a state park? Consider yourself lucky! If you’re thinking that state parks are smaller (or less significant) than the 59 national parks in the U.S., think again. I love visiting state parks — and with over 10,000 of them across the U.S., there’s sure to be several near you. Find a state park (or national park) nearby, see why state parks are so amazing, and explore lists of the best state parks in America.

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10 Cool Towns With Weird Names

There are some really unique towns with weird names throughout the United States, including one with “no name” at all. Wait until you check these names out!


Grand Canyon Vacation Photos: Kokopellis And Snow Everywhere!

Following are some of the photos from our first trip to the Grand Canyon. We started in Scottsdale, Arizona for some Spring Training baseball. Then, we took a morning trip to the Grand Canyon, followed by an afternoon drip to Sedona, Arizona for some offroading in Jeeps.

They’re Changing The 7 Wonders Of The World!

View the current list of the Top 7 Wonders of the World, in addition to the Top 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Top 7 Ancient Wonders of the World, the Top 100 Natural Wonders of the World, and the Top 1000 Natural Wonders of the World. Then vote for your final Top 7 Wonders of the World to take effect July 7, 2007.

Our Spring Training Baseball Tradition

Spring Training games are played in Florida -Grapefruit League- and Arizona -Cactus League- each year. Usually we drive to all-points Florida to catch the games, but this year we finally made it to Arizona for the first time.