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Spruce Flats Falls In East Tennessee: Here’s What It’s Like To Hike Spruce Flats Falls Trail AND What The Swimming Hole & Waterfalls Are Like!

The Spruce Flats Falls trail is rated “moderate” because some portions are rocky and steep… and there are lots of exposed tree roots that are easy to trip over. The hike to the waterfall definitely requires some effort. It’s almost a 1.5-mile round trip. It took us 30 minutes to hike to the falls carrying my toddler son in his hiking carrier. The Spruce Flats Falls hike (with time spent at the swimming hole and waterfalls) takes about 2 hours. See my best tips before you go…

Smoky Mountain River Rat Tubing Review: Here’s What To Expect Your First Time River Tubing With River Rat In Townsend TN… Or With ANY Outfitter!

East Tennessee is hot, and when you’re looking for a way to cool down with your family and friends, floating down the river is where it’s at! For me, the River Rat Tubing season pass was a no brainer — because it’s the most convenient way to get on the water without the commitment, logistics, or work of a canoe or kayak. Our entire party of 10 people (including teens and toddlers) had a blast their first time there, and I’ve been tubing with River Rat several times now.

Scranton Welcomes You

Taking A Trip To Scranton To See “The Office” TV Show Landmarks? Here Are My Tips For A Dunder Mifflin Tour Of Scranton, PA

I’m a huge fan of the hit NBC TV show The Office, so I made a trip to Scranton, PA (where the show is based) to visit key landmarks from The Office TV show. Join me in reliving some popular episodes from The Office while visiting the places in Scranton that were represented on the show.

Scranton Welcomes You

What It’s Like Hiking The Benton Falls Trail In East Tennessee (…Plus A Few Things That Are Good To Know Before You Go!)

I have a list of must-see waterfalls in Tennessee, and I enjoy checking them off the list each time I see a new one. Today’s was Benton Falls! Here are directions to Benton Falls TN, what you’ll find at Chilhowee Recreation Area, what it’s like at the top of the falls, what it’s like at the bottom of the falls, and what it’s like to hike the entire Benton Falls Trail with a 2-year-old and 2 dogs.

My Favorite Things Do In Virginia Beach For History Buffs… Or Anyone Who Enjoys Visiting Coastal Towns

Virginia Beach is a neat place to visit. If you’re a history buff as I am, you’ll have plenty of reasons to fall in love with Virginia Beach! Low-flying fighter jets are a common sight. So are wild horses, historic lighthouses, state parks, wave surfers, and beachgoers. I’m going to share with you my all-time favorite things to do in Virginia Beach, VA.