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Travelling Alone? Best Tips, Websites, And Apps To Experience Rewarding Solo Vacations

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By Aimee

Ask anyone who chooses to be single and likes to travel — it can be pretty great travelling alone!

Gone are the days of having to have a partner to dine with, travel with, or even do bucket list items with!

solo travel can be very rewarding

Solo travel can seem daunting, or even lonely, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are even online sites that pair you with other solo travelers — if you don’t want to go it alone.

I’ve found some amazing travel programs for singles that alleviate the questions about traveling alone and any safety issues you might be concerned about.

Following are some great travel services designed for singles, some co-dining platforms, and tips for traveling alone safely.

The travel sharing industry is huge now — with services like Uber and AirBnB making transportation and lodging much cheaper than traditional alternatives.

Now you can practice sharing certain aspects of your trip with others when you travel solo as well!

It can be very rewarding to book a trip and discover new destinations with people you’ve never met. Plus while sharing the experience, you can also share the expense in many cases.


#1 – Get Help Planning Your Trip

Did you know that you can travel solo and not have to plan the whole trip solo?!

Yep. There are some awesome websites and apps to help you plan your solo vacation like a pro. These are my favorites:


Vayable is a home for anyone looking to experience honest, local culture through experiences created and hosted by passionate local insiders.

Benefits of using Vayable:

  • It’s like a travel agency, but better.
  • Local residents put together an experience which you book through Vayable.
  • Each experience is unique to the place you’re visiting.
  • Discover unique, cultural experiences — like design, photography, and street art.
  • You’ll do what the locals enjoy doing — like ethnic food tours, private dinners hosted by locals, backroad wine tastings, underground history, sightseeing, and immersive cultural exchanges.

Singles Travel International

This group is for mid-lifers. The average traveler is 48 to 65 years old, professional, and worldly. You will enjoy touring in an intimate-sized travel group while enjoying leisure time as well.

Reasons to use Singles Travel International:

  • You’ll save money by being matched to a suitable roommate.
  • They have competitive rates and work with unique vendors to give solo travelers more quality vacation experiences.
  • They guarantee to find you a roommate whenever you pay in full by the cut-off date. If they can’t find you a roommate, they will pay the single supplement fee for your tours, cruises, and weekend trips.

Women Traveling Together

Women Traveling Together is for solo female travelers who prefer to be with a group of like-minded women. Select your tour and be assured that fellow travelers are as interested in and as excited about the destination as you are.

Benefits of using Women Traveling Together:

  • Make it a safe and comfortable experience by traveling together as a group.
  • Offer a wide variety of travel destinations based on traveler suggestions.
  • Arrange room sharing for those travelers who don’t want to pay for a single.
  • A company travel expert goes on every tour to provide individual attention and assistance.

Not interested in traveling with women only? Check out some cool blogs from solo traveling men instead. And here are the top 6 travel destinations for single men — if you’re interested.

Solo Traveler

If you want to have a solo vacation and book it yourself, there’s an awesome resource for that as well.

I love the Solo Traveler site. The Solo Traveler Blog itself is a community where people who share a passion for traveling alone exchange tips, suggestions, and encouragement.

Solo travel can be a little more intimidating than other forms of travel. When all of the planning and on-the-ground navigation is up to you, you need to know a bit more than your average traveler. They provide unique tips, resources, and destination guides for solo travelers, as well as a free e-book called Travel Alone And Love It. I also like their Solo Traveler’s Handbook.


#2 – Try Solo Dining With Others

No, that’s not a typo. I did mean to say “solo dining with others.” How’s that possible, you ask?

There are some great dining options for those traveling alone — so you can still travel solo, but join others (who are also on vacation or want to meet others for a meal) to dine while you’re in town.

For example, EatWith is a global marketplace for communal dining, bringing chefs and foodies together one meal at a time. Whether you’re exploring your own town or traveling to a new city, EatWith is an easy way to access the underground food scene and connect with creative, open-minded, and interesting people.

How EatWith works:

  • Contact the host – Browse locations and menus, then book your seat.
  • Ask others to join – If you’ve met other travelers along the way, you can plan a party, easily create your guest list, and track RSVPs.
  • Head to the table – All you have to do is show up. You’ll be told where to go and what time to be there by your host.

For example, here’s how to wine and dine your way through Italy like a local using EatWith.

These are some other popular sites that pair you with a dining partner:


#3 – Stay Safe When Travelling Alone

Solo vacations are undergoing a resurgence in our hyper-connected world.

You can witness the success through popular travel memoirs — such as Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, and the endless blogs recording others’ lone journeys around the world.

But safety when travelling alone is at the top of my list. How does it rank on yours?

These are my best tips for things you should pack when traveling alone:

  • Door stopper – Because deadbolts and other security features vary widely from hotel to hotel. Packing your own door stop can add an extra layer of protection.
  • Dummy wallet and money belt – Carry the bulk of your cash and cards in a money belt (hidden under your clothes). Keep only what you need for the day in an inexpensive “dummy” wallet (put it in a front pocket or in a crossbody bag that’s difficult to steal).
  • Medical bracelet or ID card – If you have allergies or health conditions, it’s important to keep your medical information in a place where first responders and doctors can easily find it.
  • Inexpensive wedding band (whether you’re single or married) – Wearing a wedding band can help deter unwanted attention — even if you’re not actually married. Some travelers who are married buy cheaper wedding bands to wear on the road in place of sparkling engagement rings and diamond-encrusted bands.
  • Safety whistle – It could scare away an attacker and draw the attention of others, in the event of an emergency.
  • First aid kit – It’s always wise to bring along a few medical necessities when you travel. But it’s even more essential when you don’t have a travel buddy to run down the street to the nearest pharmacy on your behalf.

There are also some great services for solo travelers that can help you stay and feel safe. For example, Safe Check In is a service that allows solo travelers to register their trips — in order to make sure they get back safely.

Here’s how Safe Check In works:

  • Enter information about your solo travel and when you plan to return from a particular trip or outing.
  • If you don’t check in with the site at the designated time, they will attempt to contact you.
  • If you’re out of reach, the site will reach out to your emergency contacts and, if necessary, the local authorities.


More Resources For Traveling Alone

In addition to the links I’ve provided above, I found these particularly helpful with unique tips for taking a solo vacation: