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I've visited most of these 10 famous bridges in the U.S. Cool facts & trivia about the highest, longest, scariest bridges in America - for your bucket list!

I love visiting dams. Thinking about visiting Hoover Dam or some other water dam? Here are a few things I've learned about visiting dams - good to know before you go!

weird names towns cities

There are some really unique towns with weird names throughout the United States, including one with "no name" at all. Wait until you check these names out!

indoor go kart tracks

See where some of the best indoor go kart tracks are in the United States, and learn some tricks from the experts on how to drive your go kart faster.

cave trekking

Want to go spelunking? (cave trekking) 5 great cavern parks located in the U.S. where you can explore fascinating stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws & more.

Here's a quick way to summarize the states in which you've lived and those that you have visited at some point in the past. It's called the 'Where Have You Lived' meme... or the States meme.