Jennifer Lawrence Breaks The Taboo Of ‘Women Peeing Standing Up’… Because When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

Say what? A female urination device? You’ve got to be kidding! Nope, I’m not. A pee funnel is popular with actresses, brides, and female outdoor enthusiasts. I bet you’ve said, ‘If only I could pee standing up!’ at least once. Try a pee funnel like Jennifer Lawrence did. It’s quicker, easier, and cleaner.

Travelling Alone? Best Tips, Websites, And Apps To Experience Rewarding Solo Vacations

Solo travel is on the rise — most of us have started a bucket list and we’ve got places to go and people to see! Traveling alone can be super rewarding. Plus it’s easy and safe these days — when you follow a few simple tips. If you’re planning some solo vacations, here are some great websites, apps, and tips to help you get ready.

Toll Passes

How Toll Passes & Prepaid Toll Programs Like EZ Pass & SunPass Save Time & Money When You’re Driving On Toll Roads

Info about toll road discounts. Plus a list of each state’s prepaid toll program. See how & where you can use EZ Pass, SunPass, and other toll passes.

Toll Passes

Motorcycle Helmet Hair Tips & Tricks

I’ve got issues — like helmet hair. Soon after getting a new motorcycle, I realized that I would need to figure out a way to keep my bangs from sneaking out from under my helmet and slapping me in the face throughout the entire ride. Worse than that… all of the flyaways that refuse to stay tucked up underneath the helmet actually feel like sharp knives when they’re hitting your face at high speeds! Here are the best motorcycle hair solutions I’ve found!