Motorcycle Helmet Hair Tips & Tricks

I’ve got issues — like helmet hair. Soon after getting a new motorcycle, I realized that I would need to figure out a way to keep my bangs from sneaking out from under my helmet and slapping me in the face throughout the entire ride. Worse than that… all of the flyaways that refuse to stay tucked up underneath the helmet actually feel like sharp knives when they’re hitting your face at high speeds! Here are the best motorcycle hair solutions I’ve found!

How To Prepare & Pack For Your First Long Distance Motorcycle Ride – Things We Learned Firsthand

We have been packing for a motorcycle trip every 2 months since we got our first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We didn’t waste any time before we planned our first long-distance motorcycle trip on our new Harley. Our first 4-day motorcycle trip was from Middle Tennessee to East Tennessee and North Carolina. We rode a number of motorcycle loops near the Tail Of The Dragon. This is our best motorcycle checklist for long-distance trips over several days.

Are You A Hotel Snob?

But since I rarely travel with Jim on business trips anymore, I had no idea that he had actually become SUCH a hotel snob. The hotel in question: The Grand Resort Hotel in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. …Sounds just grande, doesn’t it?

Top 10 Camping Tips: Our Best Recommendations For New Campers

Worried about surviving your first — or your next — camping trip? If you’re wondering what to take camping I’m your girl. I’m giving you ideas and reviews for choosing the best camping gear, a list of must bring items, and other helpful camping tips. Following these tips will enhance your experience — trust me — because I love to camp!

Unusual Items To Keep In Your Car

DRIVING ODDITY #7: Every Vehicle Needs One Of These Here are some oftentimes forgotten — or otherwise overlooked — items that you should ALWAYS keep in your car. I do……