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As a Florida native who travels a lot, I've discovered tons of cheap attractions in Florida that are exciting & unique! These 18 Central Florida attractions are the best in my list.

My top 12 picks for the best things to do in Tampa along with my insider tips for visiting each one! Take it from a Tampa native -- these are the most fun things to do in Tampa.

indoor go kart tracks

See where some of the best indoor go kart tracks are in the United States, and learn some tricks from the experts on how to drive your go kart faster.

I'm a winner, you can be a winner too. Here's how the arcade claw machine game works. We won a cool plush hippo from an arcade and here's how we did it.

Your child may not be as safe as you thought he would be when you sent him to summer camp. Here's what parents need to know BEFORE sending your kids off to summer camp!...

A little about our first camping trip with a 4-year-old.