Taking A Car Seat On A Plane: See How I Made A Car Seat Dolly From A Luggage Cart… It’s A Stroller And Car Seat In One!

I recently flew solo with my 14-month-old son on his first airplane ride. Most airlines let you gate-check strollers & car seats for FREE. Since I knew that I would need a car seat once I arrived at my destination (and I wouldn’t be comfortable renting one), I made a portable car seat dolly using a cheap luggage cart! After attaching the car seat to the luggage cart, I could use it like a stroller to get him from the car to the plane AND keep him confined while exploring the airports during layovers.

What It’s Like Motorcycling With Dogs: See How We Ride Motorcycles With 2 Large Dogs In 1 Custom Motorcycle Dog Trailer

See the 2 motorcycle trailers that we’ve used for our dogs. Both are pull-behind trailers. One is a basic luggage trailer for motorcycling that we used when we only had 1 large dog. The other is a motorcycle luggage trailer with air ride suspension that we used for 2 large dogs after we adopted the second one. See how we how we created our own custom dog motorcycle trailer so we could take our dogs on the road with us!

Before You Apply For Your Baby’s Canadian Passport, Here’s How To Submit The Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Our baby was born in the U.S. – which makes him an American Citizen automatically and Canadian Citizen by descent. We’ve already applied for and received his U.S. infant passport. The next step is to apply for our baby’s Canadian Citizenship Certificate to prove his citizenship — which is a document required to acquire his Canadian Passport. Here’s how to complete the Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate.

Baby’s First Passport: Here’s How To Get A U.S. Child Passport + My Review Of The Process

The process of applying for a U.S. Child Passport was super easy for us! Here’s everything you need to get your baby’s first passport — all of the documents you will need to apply for before you can get a U.S. Child Passport, and how to do it. Plus baby passport photo tips, and last-minute reminders before you head to the local office to get an infant passport.

Jennifer Lawrence Breaks The Taboo Of ‘Women Peeing Standing Up’… Because When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

Say what? A female urination device? You’ve got to be kidding! Nope, I’m not. A pee funnel is popular with actresses, brides, and female outdoor enthusiasts. I bet you’ve said, ‘If only I could pee standing up!’ at least once. Try a pee funnel like Jennifer Lawrence did. It’s quicker, easier, and cleaner.

South Of The Border

South Of The Border, Dillon SC – One Of The Best Free Things To Do In South Carolina

South of the Border, Dillon SC is one of the state’s most famous landmarks with plenty of free attractions. Conveniently located off I-95, see why I think it’s one of the best free things to do in South Carolina!

South Of The Border

Cheap Florida Attractions: A Florida Native’s 18 Must-See Central Florida Attractions Near Orlando That Are Also Affordable

Looking for things to do in Central Florida? Want a list of really fun, cheap Florida attractions? I’m a Florida native and I do a lot of traveling. I’ve discovered tons of cheap attractions in Florida that are exciting and unique! Here’s my list of 18 affordable Central Florida attractions.

Visiting Tampa Florida For The First Time? A List Of All The Best Things To Do In Tampa (…From A Local)

I’m a Tampa Florida native. These are my top picks for the best things to do in Tampa FL, along with my insider tips for visiting each one! 12 things that are among the most fun things to do in Tampa and ways to save money while you’re at it. You get a little bit of everything, beaches, museums, sports, and more in Tampa — check it out!