Explore A Florida Sinkhole: Blue Grotto Springs In Williston, FL

Deep in the woodlands of the Sunshine State is Blue Grotto, a Florida sinkhole that serves as an ideal spot for open water divers and geological explorers. Find out more about this unique natural landmark and where you can find it during your next road trip in North Central Florida.

How To Prepare & Pack For Your First Long Distance Motorcycle Ride – Things We Learned Firsthand

We have been packing for a motorcycle trip every 2 months since we got our first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We didn’t waste any time before we planned our first long-distance motorcycle trip on our new Harley. Our first 4-day motorcycle trip was from Middle Tennessee to East Tennessee and North Carolina. We rode a number of motorcycle loops near the Tail Of The Dragon. This is our best motorcycle checklist for long-distance trips over several days.

Autumn Hikes: Tips To Enjoy Hiking In The Fall

Here are the best tips for hiking in the Fall. You see, Autumn hiking tips are different than regular hiking tips, as the days are shorter, the temperatures change more drastically, and there are other hazards to be on the watch for.