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Wizard Of Oz Festivals, Memorabilia & Fun Facts

Who knew the Wizard of Oz would still be so popular today… more than 65 years after it hit the big screen? And, with Halloween just around the corner, October also appears to be the most popular month for Wizard of Oz festivals.

Drive-In Movie Nostalgia: Our Personal Tips If You Plan To Visit A Drive-In Movie Theater

We went to a drive in movie the other night and had a blast. We learned a few things about drive-in movie theaters at the same time! Here’s some really cool info on the history of drive in theaters, what you need to bring with you if you go, and some other must-know tips If your idea of a drive-in is SONIC. It’s time to take a step back in time. Come with me!

I Went To Lake Michigan With ‘That Guy’

We drove a couple hours from a racetrack in Milan, Michigan to a beach house in Stevensville, Michigan. Our destination: Chalet on the Lake, where our friends own one of the little chalets on Lake Michigan. This was relaxed, beachy,…