swim with manatees

How To Swim With Manatees In Florida

Have you ever wanted to swim with manatees? This article explains exactly how you can legally go swimming with manatees as well as where and when you can do this fun and unique activity.

Explore A Florida Sinkhole: Blue Grotto Springs In Williston, FL

Deep in the woodlands of the Sunshine State is Blue Grotto, a Florida sinkhole that serves as an ideal spot for open water divers and geological explorers. Find out more about this unique natural landmark and where you can find it during your next road trip in North Central Florida.

Bali Vacation Tips: An Essential Guide

While some people are skeptical about visiting Indonesia due to safety concerns, Bali is really different from the rest of the country. Here are insider tips for visiting Bali and enjoying the beaches, the food, and fun family activities.

Pontoon Boats Are A Lot Like Jeeps… FUN To Rent For A Day!

Have you ever considered renting a pontoon boat for a little off-road fun afloat?… We’ve done this on several occasions. Here are some pictures and highlights — especially if you plan to go pontooning in the Nashville area. The best part: Take a couple friends with you, and it’s a fairly inexpensive way to have a good time on the water!