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How To Find The Best Discount Travel Deals For January & February

winter-vacation-by-familymwrI saw the following video on the Today Show this morning.

The travel segment of the show focused on how you can find great discount travel deals (not sales, mind you) if you just know where to look.

Some of the best takeaways from the video:

  • January is a great month to score great travel deals, especially the first few weeks of January. The best time to book a January trip is right now — mid to late December.
  • Look for travel packages — they’re not as limiting as most people think.
  • Caribbean travel deals — Jamaica and Dominican Republic have the best deals right now
  • Hotel deals – 2nd and 3rd night free makes sense. Take advantage of it!
  • Europe travel deals — Dublin and Barcelona have the best deals in January and February
  • Family of 4 getaways — San Diego and Orlando have the best deals right now

Best tip: When searching for the lowest travel prices online, don’t use “sale” as one of your search words. Instead, use “deal.” The travel industry talks in terms of deals, not sales.


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