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Stores And Shopping

South of the Border is a quirky roadside landmark with lots of fun attractions. See why it's one of the best free things to do in South Carolina!

What is Buc-ee's? What exactly makes Buc-ee's gas station better than any other travel center? What is the Buc-ee's menu like? Find out here!

Boston Cape Cod Travel

Planning your first trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts? I've compiled a long list of tips and must-see places for your Cape Cod vacation, including South Boston

St. Augustine FL

See why these 5 St. Augustine attractions should be on your must-see list if you visit. Downtown St. Augustine offers a lot of history and some amazing museums as well.

I'm a winner, you can be a winner too. Here's how the arcade claw machine game works. We won a cool plush hippo from an arcade and here's how we did it.

Here are the highlights from my visit to the two largest malls on Earth... Lots of photos taken inside the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA and the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA.

Here's the story of how I won a FREE trip to New York City! You'll see how I won two free airline tickets, two nights in a hotel on Times Square, two tickets to a Broadway play, and more. We had a blast!