A Look Inside The 2 Largest Malls On Earth

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ferris-wheel-mall-of-america.jpgWhen Jim and I were on our 2-week RV adventure in July, we took a side-trip to a couple of malls.

Shocker! I dislike malls almost as much as Jim does. But we both felt that it wouldn’t have been right to pass both malls on this particular trip and not stop in to see what all the talk is about.

Here are the highlights from my visit to the 2 largest malls in the world…


We spent nearly 2 hours at each mall, scoping out the malls’ similarities and differences and staring in wonder of it all.

Our first impressions are largely based on the scenery, cleanliness, variety of stores & eateries, and activities that I photographed while we were there.

Admittedly, we didn’t do much shopping or playing on this visit.

There are plenty of things to see & do other than shopping at these malls. That’s for sure!

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the hustle & bustle… all of the screams and laughter… all of the running and playing… and all of the people-watching while you’re there,

To be honest, I can’t decide which I prefer — the Mall of America near Minneapolis, Minnesota or the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.

They both had a number of unique differences that made each one memorable for one reason or another.

While the West Edmonton Mall had tons of different water activities, the Mall of America had roller coasters of every size, shape and color and for every age group.

The West Edmonton Mall had great restaurants.

Each “wing” on the food end of the mall had a different themed cuisine. There was New Orleans, Little Italy, China Town… you get the idea.

VERY cool!



Photos Taken At The 2 Largest Malls In The World


West Edmonton Mall
2472, 8882-170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
(780) 444-5200 – Stores
(780) 444-5300 – Attractions

Click here for a map of the mall


approaching-west-edmonton-mall.jpg a-look-inside-west-edmonton-mall.jpg segway-rides-inside-the-mall.jpg


bumper-boats-in-west-edmonton-mall.jpg miniature-golf-in-west-edmonton-mall.jpg pirate-ship-edmonton-mall.jpg


sea-lions-show-in-west-edmonton-mall.jpg world-waterpark-west-edmonton-mall.jpg


Mall of America
60 East Broadway
Bloomington, Minnesota USA
(952) 883-8800 Information

Click here for a map of the mall


mall-of-america-minneapolis-minnesota.jpg inside-mall-of-america.jpg roller-coasters-in-mall-of-america.jpg


many-rollercoasters-inside-mall.jpg log-ride-water-ride-mall-of-america.jpg face-painting-merry-go-round-mall.jpg


legoland-mall-of-america.jpg ikea-store-next-to-mall-of-america.jpg