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Some Interesting Airport, Airline & Security Facts

checking in luggage at curbside check-in at the airport

Whether you travel a little or a lot, following are some interesting tidbits regarding airline travel including:

  • Some Check-in Facts
  • About Security Checkpoints
  • The Highest Rated Airports
  • An Airline Security Loophole

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Did You Know?…

According to JD Power & Associates, “airport satisfaction” is lowest among passengers who check-in at the main counter, although the majority of people continue to use this method over self check-in procedures.

Check-in Facts

  • 59% of people check-in through the airline’s main counter, which takes an average of 19 minutes.
  • 18% use a self-check-in kiosk, which averages 8 minutes.
  • 10% check-in at curbside, which averages 13 minutes.
  • 5% of passengers obtain their boarding pass through the Internet.

Security Checkpoints

  • Wait times at security checkpoints have increased from an average of 13 minutes in 2003 to 15 minutes in 2004.
  • The average wait time at large airports is 16 minutes, 15 minutes at medium airports and 13 minutes at small airports.

Highest Rated Airports

  • Large airports: Orlando, Denver
  • Medium airports: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky
  • Small airports: San Antonio, Austin

Airline Security Loophole

According to Slate, an award-winning online magazine, there’s a “dangerous loophole in airport security. If Slate could discover it, the terrorists will too.”

It seems there is a serious loophole in the Internet check-in procedures available through most major airlines. Here are the facts… scary!

And, if you don’t want to read the story, you can listen to it here.

No More Pillows

To save money, American Airlines was the first to announce that they will no longer provide pillows during flight.

If you’re one who frequently requests a tiny rectangular pillow from the stewardess, make note: This is a a GOOD thing!

Do you realize how many people use those pillows OTHER than for their intended purpose?! Such as… a foot warmer. And… a seat cushion. Do you really want to rest your head on something when you don’t know where it’s been???

American Airlines has committed to keeping their thin, fuzzy blankets on all flights in order to keep passengers warm when cabins get cold. The good news: They can also serve as pillows.