Driving To Florida? A Roadtripper’s Best Florida Road Trip Tips… What You’ll See And What To Expect When Driving In Florida

Driving to Florida soon? There’s nothing like a Florida road trip if you want to enjoy beaches, palm trees, theme parks… and more! Here, a Florida native reveals the truth — what you can REALLY expect on your trip to Florida, some unique things waiting at the Florida border for you, important Florida road rules, what it’s really like driving in Florida, and what you need to know about Florida drivers!

What Do I Know About License Plates?

Without realizing it, I guess I must have a fascination with license plates or something. Just look at all these articles I’ve written about license plate oddities and other little known facts…

Report the License Plates of Bad Drivers at Platewire

Now you can report the license plates of bad drivers and post them online at Platewire. And you aren’t limited to sharing just the ‘bad’ drivers. You can also let everyone know who the ‘good’ drivers and the ‘cute’ drivers are… Say what you want to say about the driver of a car with any license plate here. It’s a great release to vent your frustration over a run-in with a bad drivers.

…Even MORE Games Played While Driving!

Fun driving games to play on long car rides, road trips, family vacations, or whenever you’re stuck in traffic. These car driving games can be enjoyed by the entire family!

Is Your License Plate Expired?

If it is, and I’m in your town, you can bet I’ll notice it! For some odd reason, I’ve always (since college) checked the license plates on the cars in front of me to see whether they’re expired or not….

What ‘Games’ Do You Play While Driving?

We’ve always played car games for adults like the ‘license plate game’ while driving on long trips. I’ve heard that others play ‘poker’ with their speedometer, or ‘dashboard Scrabble’ using letters found in the car. What games do you play while driving? Here’s everything I know about games to play in the car and how to play them.

Indiana License Plates: What The Numbers Mean

Here’s a fun way to impress your friends the next time you pass a car with Indiana tags on it. Proof that Hoosiers are smart people for this reason alone: They don’t need to have the county printed on their license plates in order to know exactly where in Indiana a particular driver is from! Here’s how the Indiana licenses plate numbering works.