What Do I Know About License Plates?

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license-plates-by-Joelk75Without realizing it, I guess I must have a fascination with license plates or something.

Just look at all these articles I’ve written about license plate oddities and other little known facts…

Indiana License Plates: What The Numbers Mean

Is Your License Plate Expired?

How To Report The License Plates Of Bad Drivers

Fun Vanity Tags: Personalized European License Plates


Others Like Me… I Guess

To top it all off, people are starting to send me their license plate information, request to use my license plate pictures, or tossing some other piece of license plate trivia my way.

Here are a few of the fine folks who have personally contacted me and who also share their excitement for license plates online:

  • TV & Movie License Plates — click on a plate to see who it was created for.

  • CRE8APL8 — The Mad Greek has been supplying Hollywood with all of the custom license plate styles you see on TV and movies for almost 30 years, and now he will make a personalized license plate for you.

  • PL8S — Fun and unusual license plates found on the roads of America.




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