Report the License Plates of Bad Drivers at Platewire

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Finally! A way to deal with Road Rage.

(It’s kinda fun, too!)

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Now you can report the license plates of bad drivers and post them online at Platewire.

For the record, you aren’t limited to sharing just the “bad” drivers. You can also let everyone know who the “cute” drivers and the “good” drivers are …

But best of all, it’s a great release to vent your frustration over a run-in with a bad drivers.

So, don’t get caught up in Road Rage anymore… say what you what to about ’em here!

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See What Others Are Saying About Your Driving

If you’re daring enough, you can also claim your own license plate number and receive notifications whenever someone says something about your driving habits.

Or, who knows, one of those flirtatious drivers might just leave a “nice” message for you there!


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