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Is Your License Plate Expired?

If it is, and I’m in your town, you can bet I’ll notice it!

For some odd reason, I’ve always (since college) checked the license plates on the cars in front of me to see whether they’re expired or not.

Here is what you need to know if your license plate is expired.

I have no idea where this skill will get me in life, but it’s a compulsion I can’t seem to quit.

My daily drive goes like this:

1. Check to see if the license plate in front of me is expired.

2. Add up the numbers on their plate to see if I’ve “won”.

3. Give the car a quick once-over… checking for flat tires, a turn signal left on, or the driver’s skirt hanging out the car door — anything I can politely inform them of, cuz I’m SURE they’d want to know!

What I Learned Today:
You probably don’t want me driving behind you…