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Before You Apply For Your Baby’s Canadian Passport, Here’s How To Submit The Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Our baby was born in the U.S. – which makes him an American Citizen automatically and Canadian Citizen by descent. We’ve already applied for and received his U.S. infant passport. The next step is to apply for our baby’s Canadian Citizenship Certificate to prove his citizenship — which is a document required to acquire his Canadian Passport. Here’s how to complete the Application For Canadian Citizenship Certificate.

How Many G’s Are You Pulling And How Much Can Your Body Take?

Are you a sucker for fast rides and the G-force that you experience on them? Not me… but my friend is a professional race car driver. Here’s what I’ve learned about gravitational force and its effects on your body. See how many G’s astronauts, roller coaster riders, airplane passengers, race car drivers, fighter pilots, and professional stunt pilots typically sustain. Plus, how to experience weightlessness (or zero gravity) yourself!

Can’t Get To New England To See The Fall Foliage? Here Are 8 Other Places With Brilliant Fall Leaf Colors And Spectacular Fall Scenery!

Asheville, NC & New England states have the most colorful fall scenery. If you can’t make it there, I’ve got some other GREAT places to visit – at least one is likely to be near you! Here are the next best places to see fall foliage in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wyoming.

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10 Cool Towns With Weird Names

There are some really unique towns with weird names throughout the United States, including one with “no name” at all. Wait until you check these names out!