International CXT Truck Sighting: The Ultimate Big Boy Toy

Randy standing on the running boards of a brand new International CXT ...notice the watermelons growing on the dirt pile in the background!. Fun Times Guide roving reporter, Randy, writes…

Back in July you featured an article on Ford SuperTrucks. I checked out the links you had and found them to be interesting and also thought that a SuperTruck would seem to be the ultimate big boy toy.

I was on my way home from work the other day, in Marietta, and came across a BIG, yellow pickup in traffic. I followed it about a 1/4 mile to its destination: a landscape supply company.

I took a couple of photos and the driver invited me to take more if I cared to.

Front view of the new International CXT pickup truck. Rear view of the new International CXT pick-up truck.

This is a brand new International CXT.

A bright yellow supertruck that doubles as a dump truck... it's an International CXT truck.

The driver (didn’t get his name) is a salesman for Nalley International Motor Trucks in Kennesaw, GA. They let him take it out on weekends on occasion, if he needs it. In this case he took on 4 buckets of pine bark.

This model is a dumptruck and the interior is LOADED. Awesome machine if you ask me.

— Randy

A brand new International CXT truck.



More About The International CXT Truck



I certainly didn’t expect to ever see one of those huge International CXT Super trucks again… or at least not for quite some time. But after getting some gas at the Kroger on Thanksgiving Day, I look over and see another one of the CXT’s.

This one is black and someone actually owns it — rather than the salesman taking it out for a weekend joyride.

— Randy

Here are a couple of pictures:

black_CXT_1.jpg black_CXT.JPG black_CXT_2.jpg


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Thanks, Randy!!!

Eventually Randy went from “roving reporter” for The Fun Times Guide to our senior writer for the Homebuilding site.


UPDATE: More CXT photos… These are from John D.

john-cxt-truck-2.jpg john-cxt-truck-1.jpg

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