How To Drive Down Steep Hills… Without Using Your Brakes!

I’ve got some downhill driving tips for you that I learned firsthand while driving through the hilly Smoky Mountains recently. I (finally) figured out the proper use of 2 and 1 on my automatic gear shift on this road trip! Learning how to drive downhill without using your brakes — and using engine braking instead — will make your mountain driving experience SO much more enjoyable, trust me.

Big ‘Ol SUVs… Some Facts & Figures

For those trying to make an informed choice when it comes to SUVs, here are some interesting facts & figures about SUVs… including myths and facts regarding energy-efficiency, global warming, and rising gas prices.

What It’s Like To Be A Truck Driver For Oversize Loads

An Oversize load can be anything that will fit on a truck — towing a trailer or a low loader — that is wider or longer or higher than a normal gauge semi-trailer. Here’s what it’s like to drive a truck that hauls oversized loads… according to Andrew from Australia, who does this for a living.

Wide Load… Tall Load… Big Load… It’s A Boatload!

Here’s a classic example of the types of ‘wide loads’ you see traveling down the highways. Plus, some little-known facts about height clearances on wide and tall loads being transported via tractor-trailer. Hmmmm…. interesting!

2006 Ford F650 Super Truck

Have you spotted a Ford F650 monster truck in YOUR neighborhood. Here are some rare sightings… with photos of Ford F650 Super Trucks.


DRIVING ODDITY #3: People CARE How You Drive! Check this out!… I’m driving home from work today, and I’m behind a pickup truck with the bumper sticker, “How Am I Driving?” You know, you’ve seen these for years on the…