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Downhill driving tips I learned firsthand in the Smoky Mountains. See how to use 2 & 1 on your automatic gear shift to use engine braking & avoid smoking brakes.

Our pull-behind motorcycle trailer is the American Legend trailer. Our enclosed motorcycle trailer is the Homesteader Patriot. Pics & tips from our experience with these trailers.

For those trying to make an informed choice when it comes to SUVs, here are some interesting facts & figures about SUVs... including myths and facts regarding energy-efficiency, global warming, and rising gas prices.

An Oversize load can be anything that will fit on a truck -- towing a trailer or a low loader -- that is wider or longer or higher than a normal gauge semi-trailer. Here's what it's like to drive a truck that hauls oversized loads... according to Andrew from Australia, who does this for a living.

Here's a classic example of the types of 'wide loads' you see traveling down the highways. Plus, some little-known facts about height clearances on wide and tall loads being transported via tractor-trailer. Hmmmm.... interesting!

Talk about big tires... These are some serious meats!

The International CXT pickup truck is definitely one of the coolest big boys toys around! Here are International CXT truck photos.

Have you spotted a Ford F650 monster truck in YOUR neighborhood. Here are some rare sightings... with photos of Ford F650 Super Trucks.

DRIVING ODDITY #3: People CARE How You Drive! Check this out!... I'm driving home from work today, and I'm behind a pickup truck with the bumper sticker, "How Am I Driving?" You know, you've seen these for years on the...