Oversize Load…

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…Well, I’ll say!

Imagine my surprise when this pulled up next to me on I-65 in Nashville the other day.

Talk about big fat tires!

To put it in perspective, look at the semi-truck’s own tires (which are already humongous compared to the other vehicles on the road).

Then look again at the super-sized tires.

Wide load... a semi tractor-trailer carrying a load of extra-wide truck tires.
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So, what type of vehicle do you imagine these tires are for???

One thing’s for sure… This is definitely an example of one case where the signage was dead-on accurate.

Here’s another great example of a seriously wide load!


UPDATE (from Andrew, a truck driver of oversize loads in Australia):

You wanted to know what those big tyres were for… Here’s a pic of a dumptruck (they have a lot of different names, this is what we call them over here). As you can see by the size of my truck parked behind it that it is rather a large machine!

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UPDATE (from Bits & Pieces):


UPDATE (from our recent motorcycle trip to Alaska and back):

This semi has 102 wheels on it to carry 30 tons of generators to the mines on twisty mountain roads through Canada.

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