2006 Ford F650 Super Truck

by Lynnette


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Have you spotted one of THESE yet?!

It’s a 2006 Xtreme Ford F650 SuperTruck.

2006 Ford F650 pickup truck. Ford F-650 pickup truck.

This one was parked in the Golden Corral restaurant parking lot in Cool Springs, Tennessee.

Just look at how BIG it is, compared to the other cars parked next to it!

Word is, there are 5 different models of the Ford F650 available, with seating for 4 to 12 (in seatbelts!):

  • Dually
  • Super Single
  • Low Pro
  • 4×4
  • XUV

The Ford F650 gets 17mpg at a 70mph cruising speed!

And, for the offroaders (as IF!)… it’s got a 37-degree greater turning radius than a light-duty pickup truck.

Prices start at a mere $82,000 for this monster of a truck.

While the Ford F650 has been in production for several years now, I believe this is the first year that this line has been sold as a street model. Up til now, it was primarily used as a heavy-duty “commercial vehicle”.

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