Roadtrips & Driving Tips

autumn driving

5 Essential Autumn Driving Safety Tips

If you’re about to take a road trip to see the colorful leaves, follow these 5 autumn driving tips to ensure that your leaf peeping adventure is a safe one.

florida theme parks

Roadtripper’s Guide to Florida Theme Parks

Take a trip along on Interstate-4 in the Sunshine State and visit some of the major theme parks in Florida, including Busch Gardens, Legoland, Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios.

Toyota Recall Update: Your Car’s Floor Mats AND Gas Pedal Can Kill You!

As an update to an earlier Toyota recall — How Your Car’s Floor Mats Could Kill You — I saw 2 new reports on the morning news about this same topic. Both CBS and ABC provided updates to Toyota’s original floor mat recall. Following are the news videos which highlight another related recall — this one pertains to faulty gas pedals in vehicles.