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Big ‘Ol SUVs… Some Facts & Figures

For those trying to make an informed choice when it comes to SUVs, here are some interesting facts & figures about SUVs… including myths and facts regarding energy-efficiency, global warming, and rising gas prices.

What Do I Know About License Plates?

Without realizing it, I guess I must have a fascination with license plates or something. Just look at all these articles I’ve written about license plate oddities and other little known facts…

What It’s Like To Be A Truck Driver For Oversize Loads

An Oversize load can be anything that will fit on a truck — towing a trailer or a low loader — that is wider or longer or higher than a normal gauge semi-trailer. Here’s what it’s like to drive a truck that hauls oversized loads… according to Andrew from Australia, who does this for a living.

Report the License Plates of Bad Drivers at Platewire

Now you can report the license plates of bad drivers and post them online at Platewire. And you aren’t limited to sharing just the ‘bad’ drivers. You can also let everyone know who the ‘good’ drivers and the ‘cute’ drivers are… Say what you want to say about the driver of a car with any license plate here. It’s a great release to vent your frustration over a run-in with a bad drivers.

Wide Load… Tall Load… Big Load… It’s A Boatload!

Here’s a classic example of the types of ‘wide loads’ you see traveling down the highways. Plus, some little-known facts about height clearances on wide and tall loads being transported via tractor-trailer. Hmmmm…. interesting!