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Yes, you can visit Mayberry! Mount Airy, NC is also where Andy Griffith was born and raised. See my favorite things, and what I learned while I was there!

I'm a huge fan of the hit NBC TV show The Office, so I made a trip to Scranton, PA (where the show is based) to visit key landmarks from The Office TV show.

Savannah is a great southern city with tons of history. There are LOTS of awesome things to do in Savannah Georgia. The Forrest Gump bench was just the tip of the iceberg!

Visit Philadelphia

About to visit Philadelphia? There's so much to see & do. To help you plan your trip, I've created this list of the top 24 fun things to do in Philadelphia PA

Looking for a fun thing to do that's DIFFERENT? Go see Evil Dead The Musical! It's a bloody, gory, splattering mess of a musical. Part comedy, part off-Broadway play!

Who knew the Wizard of Oz would still be so popular today... more than 65 years after it hit the big screen? And, with Halloween just around the corner, October also appears to be the most popular month for Wizard of Oz festivals.

We went to a drive-in movie the other night and had a blast. We learned a few things about drive-in movie theaters at the same time! If your idea of a drive-in is SONIC, then you need to read this. It's time to take a step back in time.