A South Pacific Cruise Is A Voyage To Paradise

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When the thought of an ocean cruise comes to mind, most people automatically think of ships departing from Florida headed for somewhere like the Bahamas or maybe Mexico — all relatively close destinations for U.S. residents.

But I’m here to tell you if you have never traveled to the South Pacific, you have missed one of the most beautiful cultural and scenic areas of the world.

While in the military, I spent a couple years living on Guam and flying to other islands throughout the South Pacific. Tropical paradise is the best description for the beauty you will experience — no matter where you go throughout the region.

In the South Pacific, you’ll see endless bright blue skies, and you’ll be thousands of miles away from metropolitan industrial areas. Pollution is virtually nonexistent there. The temperatures so mild, in many cases there are no windows on houses. With slats to deflect rain, the need to seal out cold just isn’t there.

In my mind, to island hop through the South Pacific on a slow-paced cruise would be the ultimate vacation!…

Now’s the time to sign up for the cruise of your choice.

Many cruise lines are offering heavy discounts due to the bad economic times. Discounts up to 65% are available on some short hops if you happen to be in the right place at the right time!

This short video will give you a taste of the splendor that awaits you in the South Pacific:

South Pacific Cruises, Call 888 655-6141 for Pacific Cruises

Many smaller cruise ships sail the South Pacific. This allows for activities and port calls that just aren’t possible with large ships. Pulling into a small lagoon to accommodate jet skiing, windsurfing, and snorkeling is all part of the package!

I’ve spent many hours snorkeling in the waters of the South Pacific. Staying inside the coral reefs that surround most islands is like swimming in a tropical fish aquarium. The variety of brightly colored fish that surround you is endless.

Explore the Shallows of Fiji in this underwater video, and you’ll be calling for reservations before it’s finished:

Exploring Fiji Island Shallows

Around the island of Guam, the reef extends out into the ocean for about a mile or so. You don’t have to worry about staying afloat as the salt water makes it almost effortless to maintain your flotation. We used to leave shore and be on the water for hours with only a snorkel, mask and fins for equipment.

If you’re brave and decide to head out beyond the reef, beware! The sea bottom drops away into an endless blackness. This is home to some seriously mean fish. I only ventured out beyond the reef once, and immediately I found myself among a small group of barracuda. With as little fuss as possible, I retreated back to the safety of the reef.

The destinations are many, and the sights are dramatic. The South Pacific is steeped in history. A good portion of World War II was fought throughout these islands.

A cruise to the South Pacific will be the trip of a lifetime — opening your eyes to different cultures, friendly people, and sights too beautiful to describe.

Here are some cruise options that operate in the South Pacific: