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All About Hot Air Balloon Festivals, Pictures & Fun Facts About Ballooning

A colorful red hot air balloon. I read about the upcoming Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival (September 30th through October 9th), and it reminded me of another hot air balloon festival I went to when I lived in Lubbock, Texas (during grad school).

What made this one especially cool was the fact that the balloons were floating over canyons filled with water:

My friend Lisa is photographing hot air balloons while Heidi watches Lisa's dog 'Banker'. Hot air balloons over water in Texas.

Suzie and friend waiting for hot air balloons to lift-off on this chilly early morning start. Unfortunately, I cannot recall exactly where this particular hot air balloon festival took place.

But my friend Suzie (who was also at Texas Tech University the same time I was) recalls a similar experience when she and a friend went to a hot air balloon event that was called “Balloon Chase” in Lubbock.

Hot air balloons floating over water.


If anyone can shed light on the particulars of this Lubbock area hot air balloon festival from which the following photos were taken, please do share…

Here’s the most comprehensive listing of Hot Air Balloon festivals across the U.S. I could find, but none of them seems like the one photographed above.


A Kaleidascope Of Colors Up High And Down Low

A hot air balloon close up.

All this talk about hot air balloons makes me wonder if a ride up in a hot air balloon wouldn’t be a great way to see the colors of Fall?!

(… I guess it’s not so crazy after all. Here’s an article about viewing the Fall Foliage from a hot air balloon, a train, or an ATV!)

A hot air balloon somewhere near Lubbock, Texas.

Just as fun times can be had can renting a Jeep or renting a pontoon boat, I think it’s high time (ha!) we consider renting a hot air balloon for a couple hours. And during the Fall seems like you’d get the most bang for your buck… after all, it is kind of pricey.

  • Here’s a listing of places throughout the U.S. where you can go on hot air balloon rides.
  • Who knew that you could fly anywhere in the USA for $199 per person with the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team affiliates?!

A colorful hot air balloon.


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