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Best Hotels For Travelers …Based On Fun New Perks

Want to know why I love Microtel, Holiday Inn Express, and Hyatt Hotels?

Here are the best hotels for business travelers.

…because these three hotel chains think “outside the box”.

With the addition of some FUN new perks, each of these hotels seems like an ideal choice for travelers looking for more than just a place to sleep.

The following hotels have added one or more unique features to the traditional hotel stay, making these the best hotels for fun-seekers:


Your typical hotel phone... Microtel: FREE long distance phone calls & FREE wi-fi!

Microtel Inn & Suites is the first to provide free long-distance calls, free local phone calls, and free wireless high speed Internet access in all Continental U.S. guestrooms.

According to Budget Travel:

As of February, all Microtel rooms in the continental U.S. come with free local and long-distance calls (within the lower 48). You can order a pizza, keep in touch back home, or chat with an old buddy across the country, all without using minutes on your cell phone, dealing with mobile-phone static, or worrying about the cost. Then, to sweeten the deal, Microtel added free Wi-Fi.

Here’s the official press release.


Holiday Inn Express: FREE luxury showers & amenities!

Holiday Inn Express proprietary showerhead - the #1 guest-rated shower head! Holiday Inn is the first to survey adults about their hotel shower preferences, which resulted in the installation of high-powered top-of-the-line showerheads, plus a number of other bathroom conveniences in all their guestrooms.

According to The Fun Times Guide:

Guests’ reactions to the upgrades have been so positive that Holiday Inn Express has responded by making the showerhead and other bathroom elements available for purchase online.

Here’s the official press release.


Hyatt: Free Satellite Radio!

Hyatt is the first hotel chain to provide satellite radio free-of-charge at properties from coast to coast.

According to Budget Travel:

As of this fall, Hyatt guests won’t have to fuss with static and constant commercials. All 50,000 of its guest rooms in the continental U.S. are being outfitted with complimentary XM Satellite Radio, both in the clock radio and in a separate unit at a desk or entertainment center. The service is the same one that XM subscribers receive at home or in the car, with more than 150 channels separated by genre (country, rock, sports, talk, etc.), including 67 commercial-free music stations.

Here’s the official press release.


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