Maybe Drag Racing Isn’t So Bad After All…

by Lynnette

Baseball Vacation, Race Cars

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ihra-drag-racing-crowd-shot-mirrored-reflection.jpgJim has started his annual summer trek across the country racetrack to racetrack from Raleigh, North Carolina to Tulsa, Oklahoma and everywhere in between. Yep, he’s home a week or so, then gone a week or so. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

If I enjoyed racing more, I’d probably go along with him. There’s just so much down-time spent sitting around the track, and I’d usually rather be doing something… anything!

Anyhoo… when Jim got back from Dallas last week (he got side-tracked with a business meeting somewhere between here and Tulsa), I assumed my “wife of a race car fanatic” role by downloading and then uploading all of his best photos on the websites of the following dragracing drivers:

…and what do I find?


Major League Baseball pictures!

Turns out he managed to “squeeze in” a little baseball — Chicago Cubs vs Texas Rangers on June 21, 2007.

I like baseball. More things like this, and I might just hit the road with him next time!

Looks like he got pretty good seats though — front & center (…that lucky devil).

Enjoy the photos.




chicago-cubs-pitcher-ted-lilly.jpg chicago-cubs-pitcher-ted-lilly-winding-up.jpg ted-lilly-pitching-for-chicago-cubs.jpg






chicago-cubs-catcher-rob-bowen.jpg catcher-rob-bowen-chicago-cubs.jpg chicago-cubs-catcher-rob-bowen-and-umpire.jpg



congratulations-sammy-sosa-chicago-cubs.jpg cubs-ultimate-backer-sign.jpg chicago-cubs-fans-2007.jpg






chicago-cubs-catcher-rob-bowen-batting-practice.jpg chicago-cubs-rob-bowen-batting.jpg chicago-cubs-catcher-rob-bowen-batting.jpg rob-bowen-chicago-cubs-catcher-at-bat.jpg





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