Why Is Florida So Hot All Year Round? And… Is Florida Getting Hotter Every Year?

The fact that Florida is hot is a reason it’s such a popular vacation spot. But WHY is Florida so hot? And is the Sunshine State getting even HOTTER? As a native Floridian who loves studying all things weather, I can explain what’s going on with the weather and climate in Florida. Here’s why Florida is SO hot… from a meteorologist’s viewpoint!

There’s So Much To See & Do In Dahlonega, GA: Gold Mines, Gold Nuggets, Gold Coins, Gold Trees In The Fall… And So Much More!

Looking for things to see and do in Dahlonega? From museums and boutiques to mine tours and camping, this cute north Georgia town has it all. And the Dahlonega wineries are incredibly popular! Definitely lots of fun things to do in Dahlonega for all ages in this quaint little town.