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Here are some ideas that will take up a full week, save a ton of money, and make you feel like you had a real vacation... it's a 7-day Staycation!

New York City Chicago Pizza Road Trip

Like pizza? Like road trips? Take a pizza road trip! A taste-testing tour of Chicago and New York pizza is a foodie's dream -- and fun! Here's how to do it.


Would you believe the 10 tallest skyscrapers in the U.S. are all in Chicago and New York City?! Here are fun facts about each one of them.

If you're traveling to a major city, check here first to see if they have a CityPASS discount. You could save as much as half price at popular attractions!


Nowhere else in the world can you travel through 5 great fresh expanses of water so large you lose sight of land for days at a time. A Great Lakes cruise will take you along the aquatic superhighway upon which much of the country's natural resources and farm products travel to market.

We've been to Florida several times for Spring Training baseball games. But THIS year, we finally made it to Arizona for some Cactus League games!